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Hi and thanks for visiting!  It’s been a while since I created the Creating Confidence and Success Program (aka the Inspiring Life Program) and I’ve added my newest technique which I call Positive Energy Psychology or just PEP for short.  It’s a simple and wonderful positive version of EFT and I think you’ll really like it.

So, I’ve updated my original program and I’ve made it free to everyone here:


I hope you visit and enjoy it!  If you do and you’d like to, you can make a donation using the Buy Me a Cup of Tea link on the side.  Either way, I hope it helps you find peace and happiness and fulfillment in every way.

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There is a Powerful New Technique That Will Allow You To Feel Truly Confident and Help You Achieve Your Dreams.

Not many people have even heard of it.  But once you experience it yourself, you’ll know.  It could change everything.

You owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to learn this easy, fast, and powerful method to feel truly confident and make your dreams come true.

And You Can Even Try It For FREE Below!

Isn’t it worth taking the next eight minutes to discover the key to changing your life? 


Laura Lawson Boatman, MSW, LCSW

Wednesday, 9:17am

Dear Friend,green meadow path

Do you want to make the most of your life and pursue your dreams with passion and a deep sense of purpose? 

Do you want to walk into a room full of people and feel totally confident and sure of yourself?

Do you want to really believe in yourself and succeed at what you’ve always wanted to do?

What if I told you there’s a way you can do all this faster and more easily that you could even imagine

Stick with me for a few minutes and I’ll show you how you can feel truly confident in every area of your life.  You can even try it for free below and you’ll be able to see how powerful it is for yourself.

What You’ve Always Wanted

Maybe you have a special dream for your life’s work but you don’t feel confident enough to reach for it right now.  Maybe you want to feel competent and successful in your chosen field.  Or maybe you want to begin a new career that is more satisfying but you don’t feel confident enough to movfield of flowerse forward.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a confident and successful writer, artist, healer, business person, or athlete.

Maybe you don’t even know what you want to do, but you know there has to be something better than what you’re doing now, something that really uses your own special talents and let’s you do what you really love with your life.

Maybe you just want to feel really confident and sure of yourself in the work you are doing right now.

Maybe you want to feel more confident with other people.  Perhaps you sometimes feel awkward and nervous around other people, at work or in your personal life.  Maybe you sometimes even find yourself thinking such negative, critical thoughts of yourself that you doubt that anyone would ever be interested in you or anything you have to say.

If any of these feels true for you, read on and you’ll see how my Program will really help.

Don’t Give Up On Your DreamsLake and Mountain

Up to now, you just haven’t had the confidence and faith in yourself to really go for what you want and make your dreams happen.

It hurts to be in that place.  You feel like there’s something important missing from your life.  It feels like there’s a huge brick wall in your way that’s built of all your anxieties and self-doubt.  It’s keeping you from what you really want for yourself and your life and you can see no way around it.

So, maybe you just let those dreams get farther and farther away, and in your darkest hours, deep feelings of resignation and sadness creep in and a feeling that you’ll never make those dreams come true.

Please don’t give up on your dreams.  My Program can help you feel confident and inspired as you create the life you have always wanted.

You CAN Get There, Believe Mesprout

My name is Laura Lawson Boatman and I’m a therapist and life coach and I have developed a special program that will help you with every one of these issues.  I have many years of experience helping people to feel better about themselves, overcome their limitations, and achieve their dreams.

I want to do the same for you. 

Maybe you’ve tried other techniques to feel better about yourself and your life and you still haven’t made the changes you’ve been seeking.  Finding this was true for myself and my clients, I decided I had to find something that would go more deeply and work at a permanent, profound level.

I studied hypnotherapy and found that this gave me great tools for replacing negative beliefs and finding a source of wisdom and clarity within ourselves, but I knew I still needed something more.  Those nagging feelings of insecurity and self-doubt still emerged when my clients wanted to move forward toward their dreams.

I knew there had to be something more that could really help them.

The Wonderful Discovery

Then, a few years ago, I stumbled upon a new technique that I had never heard of that was creating amazing changes in people in an unbelievablycandles short time.

People with lifelong fears, traumas, and negative beliefs about themselves were letting them go in one day.

I heard the stories, studied the books and demonstration videos, and read all the research studies.  In one large scale study, for example, this technique was shown to be faster and more effective than medication and cognitive behavioral therapy at helping people let go of a lifetime of anxiety.  That’s pretty amazing.

Finally, here was the missing key that I had been searching for!

And hardly anyone knows about it, even now.  It’s still on the cutting edge of research in psychology.  I expect that when this approach finally gets discovered by mainstream therapists and life coaches, it will help usher in a new era of happiness and well-being in our world.

We now have the tools we need to let go of any insecurity, fear, negative belief, painful past memory, ANYTHING that is holding us back from achieving our fullest potential.

You Don’t Have To Wait

This new technique is called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT.  And I promise, that once you learn it and begin using it yourself, this simple but incredibly effective technique will change your life.

But How Does It Work?

EFT is just so simple, it’s hard to believe that it could really work.  All you do is use your fingertips to tap on nine different acupressure points on youreastern confidence face and body while you think about the thought or feeling you want to let go of.  As you do, these acupressure points open up the energy channels in your body to allow your natural state of well-being to emerge.

After just a few minutes, you will feel so much better. 

I mean it, it really works.  You just have to try it yourself and then you’ll know.  It’s really wonderful and amazing!

After seeing firsthand how powerful this technique is, I decided to create a special program to help people use EFT in a fun, easy, uplifting way because I really want to help share this wonderful technique with all the people who could benefit so much from it.

I know it has to be fast and easy to use so people will actually use it.

And my Program does just that.  First, it guides you through the quick process of learning EFT.  Then, it gives you a series of brief, easy-to-follow, recorded EFT processes to help you release every possible negative belief that contributes to feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, or inadequacy.  It then helps you replace these negative beliefs with positive, uplifting, confident thoughts.

All you have to do is follow along with the brief recordings and watch your negative beliefs and feelings just melt away.  You’re left with a feeling of deep confidence and enthusiasm about following your dreams. 

The program guides you step-by-step to discover what you truly want and then feel the confidence you need to really achieve your goals.  It uses the best of what I have found over the years to be truly effective, with EFT as the cornerstone. Free EFT Recording

And Now, Try It Yourself For Free!

You can listen to the first recording of the Creating Confidence and Success Program right here, right now.   The recording introduces you step-by-step to the powerful process of EFT, the little-known technique that will help you to quickly and gently release painful emotional issues and negative beliefs, including feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.  This recording will help you to easily let go of the issues of not feeling confident and doubting your ability to succeed.  Once you’ve cleared the static of these insecure feelings, it helps instill a new, more positive, uplifting perspective including helping you choose to feel true confidence and succeed at whatever you set your mind to.

To listen to the Free EFT Confidence Recording, just push the play arrow on the left of the player below. 


You can listen to this audio process whenever you like from this page.  You might want to bookmark it for easy access in the future.  The effect of listening to this recording is cumulative: the more you listen to it, particularly when you are feeling less confident that you would like, the more benefit you will receive.

And remember, this is just the beginning.  The full Program gives you 27 high quality recordings like this to address a whole variety of key issues that will help you become confident and successful in whatever you choose to do.  Most of them are even shorter than this one, each about seven minutes long, since you’ll already know how to use EFT for the rest and won’t need such detailed instruction on how to do it.  This makes using the Program so easy, all you have to do is listen for seven minutes each day and watch your feelings, beliefs, and life transform.


All It Takes Is Seven Minutes a Dayyellow butterfly

It’s easy… all you have to do is follow along with the recordings I’ve made for you.  Most of them are only about seven minutes long so it’s easy to find the time to listen to them.  And the exercises in the book that I’ve written for the program are fun and easy to follow.

The first time you experience EFT using one of my recordings, you’ll feel more confident and secure.  And then you’ll be hooked (just like me!)  In my experience, nothing else is easier and more effective than EFT.

It took me many months to develop this program and I am so very happy that I can offer it to you now.  I call it The Creating Confidence and Success Program.

I know it will really help you to become confident and create the life you have always wanted to live.

Listen To What Others Say About The Program

Listen to what Marcy Kessler, Intuitive Life Coach, has to say:PH01209J

I love the Program.  I’ve loved it from the start… Laura’s voice on the audio files is graceful, elegant, beautiful, and what a ballerina would sound like if her dance were converted into sound.  Often, I energetically feel the anxiety and discontent of people around me and listening to Laura’s voice as she is guiding me through the EFT audios feels like I am immersed in a tub filled with pure liquid gold.”

Marcy E. Kessler, M.S.

Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Soulmate Attraction Coach

Princess of Peace and Love Creations


After Following My Techniques, She Wrote Two Screenplays

Listen to this great story from a woman who has tried my techniques and found how well they really work:golden fountain pen

Julia L. is a writer and artist who had been having terrible bouts of self-doubt and insecurity about her work.  At times, she just wanted to give up.  Using the various techniques in the program, particularly the EFT processes, she was able to clear away these old, habitual patterns in herself.  Once she did, she was able to find a renewed sense of confidence about herself and her abilities.  Even after a major setback that would have made her want to quit in the past, she used EFT to clear away the mistaken beliefs that it triggered and then committed herself with new enthusiasm to her goal of finishing her screenplay.  She found that she could accept the ideas and constructive criticism from her writing mentor and writing group without it throwing her into a bout of self-doubt and self-judgment.  She welcomed their ideas, listened within for the ones that felt right for her, and used the new perspective she gained to make her screenplay even better.  The processes in The Creating Confidence and Success Program worked for her.  She has now completed two screenplays and is working on a sitcom pilot.  She’s doing what she’ s always wanted to do with her life and she loves it!

As I say in the Program, you are never given a dream without also being given the ability to achieve it.  One step at a time, you will get there.  Let me help you live a life of confidence and inspiration.  The Creating Confidence and Success Program shows you how, step-by-step.

With the 20 EFT recordings included in the Creating Confidence and Success Program, you will be able to easily…

•  Let Go of Anxiety and Deep Self DoubtThe Creating Confidence and Success Program

•  Release Your Fear of Making Mistakes

•  No Longer Feel Afraid of Failing

•  Start Believing In Yourself and Your Abilities

•  Feel Confident and Sure of Your Ability To Succeed

•  Discover That You Are Good Enough to Succeed

•  Stop Procrastinating About your Goals and Start Feeling Inspired and Motivated

•  Let Go of Wanting to Give Up

•  Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You

•  Let Go of Tendencies to Feel Nervous and Insecure42-15468598

•  Release Any Fear of Taking Action

•  Let Go of Feeling Discouraged at Setbacks When Things Aren’t Going Right

•  Awaken Your Ability to Hear and Follow Your Inner Guidance

•  Release Painful Memories About Past Experiences Related to Insecurity, Giving Up on Yourself, and Failure

•  Stop Feeling Like a Loser Who Will Never Succeed and Start Feeling Like a Winner Who Will Succeed!

•  Let Go of Habits of Feeling Anxiety and Self-Doubt That You Learned From Your Family

•  Release Feelings of Sadness, Feelings of Being Not Good Enough, and Feeling You’re Not Able to Love and Accept Yourself as You Are

•  And More…

These recorded processes will help you easily and gently release those negative tendencies within you and replace them with new, empowering, uplifting beliefs and habits.

Seven more digital recordings in the Program will help you to…CB008916

•  Activate the Law of Attraction to Help You Attract Your Inspired Vision of What You Want To Create

•  Connect With the Source of Wisdom and Guidance Within You

•  Develop Empowering Beliefs For Creating True Confidence and Success

•  Feel Gratitude for Who You Are and Celebrate Your Progress

•  Connect with the State of Unconditional Well-Being and Self-Acceptance Within You

The Comprehensive 272 page Creating Confidence and Success E-Book will guide you to…

•  Learn EFT, the Revolutionary New Psychological Process That Will Easily Clear Away Any Negative, Limiting Beliefs and Feelings

•  Know Where You’re Starting From

•  Explore and Clarify What You Want to CreateCB023439

•  Define and Commit to Your Goals

•  Create and Energize Your Vision for Your Life to Inspire You To Action

•  Develop Your Inspired Game Plan to Achieve Your Goals

•  Identify Your Limiting Beliefs and Easily Clear Them Using EFT

•  Gently Release Painful Past Experiences and Their Influence on Your Current Life

•  Receive Guidance and Inspiration to Help You Achieve Your Goals

•  Release Any Fears About Taking Action

•  Take Inspired Action to Achieve Your Goal

•  Feel Gratitude for Your Progress Every Step of the Way

•  Learn the Missing Key To Make the Universal Law of Attraction Really Work for You

•  Find Your Center of Well-Being Through Simple Yet Powerful Guided Meditation Processes

•  Deal with Intense Emotions in a Positive Way

•  Effectively Resolve Roadblocks and Setbacks

•  And more…

Scripts of all the audio processes are included in the e-book so you can easily read along with the recordings whenever you like.  Also, there are an additional 51 brief, easy to follow scripts in the e-book that address additional confidence issues that you may have as well.

This Has Never Been Available Before

This Program is one of a kind.  The powerful healing techniques I share within it are still relatively unknown. j0434124

No one else has combined so many recorded EFT processes, guided visualizations, and techniques to activate the Law of Attraction and the innate well-being within you.  Together, this is the quickest, easiest, and most effective program for confidence and success ever.

• You will learn to use the power of EFT to easily and gently release your old patterns, negative feelings, and mistaken beliefs about yourself and your life. 

• You will learn to use the universal Law of Attraction that will magically bring you what you want in your life. 

• You will learn to access the source of wisdom and unconditional well-being within you to create a strong, sure foundation for confidence in your life. 

• You will develop a deep sense of confidence and belief in yourself

• You will find the inspiration and powerful motivation within you to pursue your dreams and succeed at them! 

You Get a Wealth of Great Resourcesj0438920

The Program includes the 27 life-changing recordings and the 272 page e-book that gently guides you each step of the way.

Now, because I’ve put so much work into this revolutionary, easy-to-use program, I was initially going to offer it for $147, but then I reconsidered.  I know the Program is worth that much, plus that’s much less than people would spend on a few individual life coaching sessions which often cost $100 an hour or more.

But here’s the thing: I really want to make The Creating Confidence and Success Program affordable for all the people who I know it can really help.  I want it to to be able to help those people who have so much to share but, because they suffer from the pain of a lack of confidence, they don’t feel able to achieve their dreams.

So, Here’s a Great Deal For You

I know that programs that provide this many resources are typically available for $300 or more.  And if I were to work individually with someone and cover all the issues and resources in the Creating Confidence and Success Program, it would easily cost them over $1000. CB030344

However, as I said, I want people to be able to afford this Program and use it to make their lives better.  So, I’ve decided to offer this powerful, comprehensive Program for just $77.  (free now 🙂 ) That’s really a great deal for all the great resources you get with the Program.  We’ll see how that goes and to be honest, I can’t say how long it will be available for this price.  If you want to be sure to get the Program for free, I’d encourage you to go ahead and get it for yourself now.

You can use the best of what I have found to be truly effective and transformational in this Program for free at https://ourcircleoflight.com.  And you’ll be able to use it for the rest of your life to feel confident and achieve any goal you set your mind to.

If you’re still unsure, maybe this will help.  I’m also offering these two special bonuses that will help you with two key areas that people often have difficulty with:

Special Bonus # 1: Release Worry and Guilt About Money ($9.95 Value, Yours FREE)smaller beautiful gold coins

Most people would welcome the flow of more money into their lives.  However, when you worry and feel guilty about wanting money or having it, you can short-circuit your energy and efforts to make it happen.  This wonderful recording uses EFT, the breakthrough technique used in the Program to help you release these old habits of feeling worried or guilty about money.  Once these negative emotional tendencies are released through this recording, you will be able to trust that there is plenty of money available to you and that you can feel wonderful as you allow and welcome it into your life now.

Special Bonus # 2:  For Feeling Shy and Awkward Around People ($9.95 Value, Yours FRErelaxed coupleE)

Many people who have difficulty with confidence and success sometimes feel shy and awkward around other people.  They may not know what to say, or may worry that other people don’t like them or are judging them.  This wonderful recording uses EFT, the breakthrough technique used in the Program to help you release these tendencies and allow yourself to enjoy being with other people and feel comfortable just being yourself. 

Will It Really Work For You?

The answer is YES.  EFT is amazingly effective.  It relieves negative feelings and shifts mental patterns better and faster than anything I’ve ever seen.  Thousands have used it and have had extraordinary results.

The Creating Confidence and Success Program helps you easily take advantage of the power of EFT because all you have to do is listen and tap along.  The program really works to help people feel more confident and succeed at their goals.  However, you may be wondering whether it will really work as well for you.  Personally, I know that it will, but I want you to be able to try it and decide for yourself.

smaller pink clouds

With the freedom of the digital age, you will be able to quickly download the Creating Confidence and Success Program and get started using it right away.

The 272-page Adobe PDF e-book and 27 digital MP3 recordings are available for you to immediately download right now.

No need to wait for something to arrive in the mail.  Isn’t that fun and wonderful?  That means, you can get started down the path of creating true confidence and success in your life right away.

Here’s How To Get Your Copy Now

If you are ready to begin the exciting journey of releasing old patterns of negative feelings and beliefs and embracing your dreams with confidence and enthusiasm, here’s how to claim your copy now.


System Requirements:  The eThe Creating Confidence and Success Program-book is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  A link will be provided to quickly download the free Adobe Reader program if you need it.  The audio files are in standard MP3 format so your computer should just play them automatically when you click on them.

When you order The Creating Confidence and Success Program online, you will be immediately directed to the download page where you will be able to easily download your Creating Confidence and Success e-book and Audio Journey Library.  You’ll be able to start using the Program and it’s many wonderful resources today!


Isn’t It Time To Commit To Yourself and Your Path?

Think about this:  When you decide to buy this Program, you will be taking definite action toward changing your life for the better.  It will be an act of commitment to yourself and your future. green meadow path

It inspires me to know that you have the opportunity to use this Program to help you feel confident in who you are and follow your heart.  As you do, you will bring your own unique light into the world and make it a better place for us all.  One by one, as each of us clear our limiting beliefs and ideas and begin to live from a place of joy and well-being in pursuing our heartfelt dreams, we can transform the world.


Laura Lawson Boatman, MSW, LCSW

Author of The Creating Confidence and Success Program

If you’re not ready now, then ask yourself when will you will be ready to change your life?  Tomorrow?  Next year?  Some other time in the future maybe when something changes?

You have the opportunity to change your life right now.  

Since you can try it risk-free, why not just give it a try?  It WILL work, you’ll feel so much more confident, you’ll be on the way to achieving your goals, and you’ll be so glad you believed in yourself enough to just give it a try.

You deserve this chance to change your life, to feel confident, and to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. 

Listen to that part of you who really wants to change, the part of you that brought you to this website.  You can do it!   And this program will be there to help you every step of the way.

 P.P.S.  You have a choice.  A choice to make right now, in this momencountry roadt.

You can continue on doing what you’re doing, hoping that something will change so that you can someday truly feel confident and fulfilled in your life.  Or, you can choose to make something happen right now.  You can buy this program.  You can commit to using it.  When you do, you will be taking your destiny into your own hands.  You will be freeing yourself of the pain of the old, limiting ideas and feelings that you’ve been dragging along with you your whole life.  You will be opening the door to your heart and listening within for your path.  And you will learn to follow your path with true confidence.

You will learn that you are a wonderful, perfect, unique being with wonderful gifts to share.  You will know the true confidence that comes from within, knowing that your well-being doesn’t depend on anything outside of yourself.  And you will be free to truly be the wonderful person that you are and shine your unique light in the world.